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A few facts before you continue

From 8 million businesses on Instagram,
only 430,000 earn over $3,000/Mo

There are over 120,000,000 Business
Sales/Calls/Visitors/DMs Every Month

Only 9% of local stores use Instagram

Customers who follow engaging businesses
on Instagram spend 35% more with them.

Are you using Instagram's full potential?

Where are your local customers?

Places they make photos

Instagram saves locations where users take their photos. We target those users.

Example: You're an apparel store, you can find all people from the latest fashion show in your city.

Location Radius

Instagram allows you to target within area.

Example: You're a bakery. You should target users only within a 5 mile radius from your location.


Your competitors have the exact same audience as you do. It's a massive audience.

Example: You're a gym. Why not target your competitor’s audiences (other gyms)?

Related Busineses

Just imagine how many related businesses have your exact same audience.

Example : You're a vegan restaurant, why don't target followers from yoga, pilates and organic cosmetics shops?

Social Circle

Did you know that 70% followers of regular people (not Cristiano Ronaldo or Selena Gomez) have the same social status? Meaning if someone's into golf, they have followers who are also into golf and can afford the same price-range.

Example: You're selling brand shoes or clothes. People who are followers of your followers have a 73% similar interest as they do - It's your target audience too.

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